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AT&T Galaxy Note review — Engadget

White Note US

AT&T Galaxy Note review

By Tim Stevens posted Feb 15th 2012 12:00PM


It was once said that if a phone or tablet used a stylus its hardware designers had blown it. It was also said that if the software on that device contained a task manager that coders had similarly missed the mark. The Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T contains what many would consider a stylus and, if you hold down the Home button, you’re presented with what can only be described as a task manager.

So the Galaxy Note, Samsung’s massive 5.3-inch “superphone,” is critically flawed then, right? No. It is, in fact, one of the best phones to hit the market since another Samsung powerhouse — the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a device with a lot to love and is the kind of phone that would make almost every Android aficionado swoon. However, with its massive 5.3-inch display and generally understated styling, it isn’t for everybody. We reviewed it before in European guise, but now read on to see if AT&T’s $300 LTE version of this big brute is just right for you.

ileAT&T Galaxy Note review — Engadget.

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