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Sony NEX 7 – Review | EOSHD.com


Sony NEX 7 – Review

Wednesday, 15 February, 2012 21:30


The NEX 7 is a beautifully designed high end mirrorless camera with probably the most advanced CMOS sensor Sony have ever produced. As a stills camera it is superb (if you don’t mind adapting glass and manually focussing – because the current E-mount lens range is somewhat limited).

But does it topple the Panasonic GH2 and Canon 5D Mark II for video?

I was very enthusiastic whilst shooting with the NEX 7 about its capabilities. Getting the footage back and grading it was a slightly different story.

I felt that the flat image profile I used for the footage above negated some strong points of the NEX 7 and the footage fell apart terribly when grading. So a lot of the colours are very muted and I haven’t tried to push the grading very far with the footage above. When you shoot in Standard or Sunset, colour is rich out of the box with high tonality. More on this in a moment…

ileSony NEX 7 – Review | EOSHD.com.


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