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Lytro camera review – (Engadget)


Lytro camera review

By Dante Cesa posted Mar 8th 2012 10:00AM


Lytro camera review

Lytro camera hands-on (video)

Lytro open to partnering with smartphone makers, executive suggests

Lytro’s light field camera captures ‘unprecedented’ images, lets you choose focus later

Don’t let that cute design fool you. Lytro, the world’s first commercial light field camera, is the culmination of nearly twenty years of research — a project that once occupied an entire wall facade, and has since been miniaturized into something that fits in the palm of your hand. An impressive feat, sure, but not as arresting as the end result: the ability to refocus pictures, even after you’ve taken them.

To achieve such magical endeavors the Lytro camera uses heaps of custom software (armed with a custom .lfp file format) coupled with some serious silicon to measure not just color or the intensity of light, but its direction, too. The latter is achieved with an eleven “megaray” sensor, which is bolted to an f/2.0 8x optical zoom lens, all encased within that sleek body. Seeking to save us from unfocused mishaps, the technological tour de force also unlocks some considerable creative potential. So, is the $399 shooter going to revolutionize photography as we know it? Or does the Lytro’s first foray into consumer electronics fall prey to the shortcomings of 1.0 product? By now you should know the drill: rendezvous with us past the break to find out.

via Lytro camera review — Engadget.


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