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Polaroid Z2300 hands-on – (Engadget)


Polaroid Z2300 hands-on

By Terrence O’Brien posted Jun 26th 2012 6:21PM


Polaroid Z2300 hands-on

Polaroid. The brand is iconic, to put it lightly. In the post film age however, the company has fought to stay relevant without completely sacrificing its identity at the altar of the digital photography gods. The solution has been cramming printers inside the bodies of its shooters (and partnering with questionably talented celebrities), hoping to recreate the experience of instantly coping a glossy copy to hang or hand out, while co-opting the benefits of the megapixel. The Z2300 is the latest in its effort to claim a chunk of the casual photography market. This 10 megapixel printer cam produces 2 x 3-inch prints that are also stickers in about 30-45 seconds. It’s not quite as quick as the Polaroids of old, but at least you don’t have to shake em.

via Polaroid Z2300 hands-on — Engadget.


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