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Fujifilm XF1 hands-on preview: Digital Photography Review


Fujifilm XF1 hands-on previewSeptember 2012 | By Andy WestlakePreview based on a pre-production Fujifilm XF1The enthusiast compact sector has undergone a distinct revival in recent years, with every major manufacturer now producing a model or two that offers full manual control and RAW format recording, aimed as a second camera for enthusiasts who usually carry an SLR. These cameras have generally fallen into two distinct camps – those featuring either fast lenses or long zooms with lots of external controls, and smaller-bodied ‘shirt pocket’ cameras. The latter category was more-or-less owned by Canon for several years with its S-series compacts such as the Powershot S100, but has recently been shaken-up by the arrival of the Sony Cyber-Shot RX-100 with its relatively large 1″-type sensor. Now it welcomes a new contender – the Fujifilm XF1.The XF1 is the latest model in Fujifilm’s premium X-series, that originated with the FinePix X100 and has since expanded upwards to the interchangeable lens XF system including the recently-announced X-E1, and downwards to the X-S1 superzoom and fast-lensed X10 compact. The XF1 shares much of its innards with these last two models, including the larger-than-average 2/3″ EXR-CMOS sensor and EXR processor. To these it adds an optically-stabilized 25-100mm equivalent lens with an impressively fast F1.8 maximum aperture at wideangle, but a somewhat more pedestrian F4.9 at telephoto.

via Fujifilm XF1 hands-on preview: Digital Photography Review.

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