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Tablets for photographers: Best options for on-the-go workflow: Connect

asdsTablets for photographers: Best options for on-the-go workflow

Logan Kugler | Published: Oct 9, 2012 at 04:45:01 UTC 113

When you’re in the field, whether shooting on location or just meeting with your next client, gear that’s powerful and portable is a must. This is where tablets come in to make a photographer’s job easier. With high resolution touchscreens for easily sharing portfolios or proofs, the capacity for dozens of dynamic apps that provide photo capture and editing capabilities, typically lightweight construction and built-in cameras that are quickly improving in megapixels and performance, tablets can be an attractive supplement to a photographer’s bag of tricks. Add in larger screens that offer more versatility and control than smartphones and ready access to online resources through a data connection (if you can get it), and you’ve got a device that can supercharge your photography workflow without draining your wallet.

But with all of the tablets out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one to buy. And the criteria is way different for photographers than it is for your average Best Buy shopper. Even though the built-in cameras on these tablets won’t be your first choice when you have your smartphone and DSLR with you, it’s nice to know what they could do when you’re in a pinch.

We field tested five of the most popular consumer tablets currently on the market to determine which ones make the best mobile photo accessories, and which ones are only good for flinging colorful birds at those meddlesome pigs.

via Tablets for photographers: Best options for on-the-go workflow: Connect.


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